Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

CII 3rd Global Summit 2009, Delhi.

Presentation Stage organised for CII 3rd Global Summit 2009, Delhi.

Mr. Kapil Sibal at CII 3rd Global Summit 2009, Delhi.

Chief Guests at CII, Delhi from round the Globe.

Presentation at CII.

Sharad Vajpayee, Co Founder & CEO, presenting VelaiSMS @ CII, Delhi.

Sharad Vajpayee explains his Journey to Tranform Rural/Urban India.

Sharad says, "There is another country in our Country, which is known as "BHARAT".

Sharad pinpoints that "BHARAT" - Rural/Urban India drives our Nation.

VelaiSMS provides Job Informations on mobile to transform people's lives, since Sharad belives that people can buy a mobile which costs Rs. 1000 or $20 whereas one cannot get Computer at the same price.

VelaiSMS's Evangelist Group serving Bharat.

VelaiSMS understands the painpoints of Job Search and fullfills their requirements on Job Informations.

VelaiSMS's awareness programme to SHG women in rural/urban India.

VelaiSMS provide job informations to School Student and regiters their Parents to bring down Drop Outs ratio and economic growth of their family.

VelaiSMS is keen to have the smile on the children's face forever by providing job informations to their parents.

School Students's Contribuiton towards Social Cause by participating in Drawing Contest Conducted by VelaiSMS.

VelaiSMS Honours School student with Certifcate for his contribution for Social Cause.

VelaiSMS awareness programme in Schools of Rural/Urban India.

Bharat loves Cricket. VelaiSMS organised Cricket Tournament on Indepence Day, 09 to bring the people together and extend their support towards Inclusive Growth from India.

Actor Nitin Sathya and Actor Vijay Vasanth honours the Winning Team - Thekkalur Panchayat by VelaiSMS Cricket Trophy 09.

VelaiSMS registration camp in Kottupulampalayam Village in Erode District.

VelaiSMS registration camp in Village in Gobichettipalayam.

Awareness on VelaiSMS services to Girls of Kugalur Village to contribute for the economic conditions of their family.

VelaiSMS awareness & registration camp in Iduvai Village, Tirupur Block, Tamil Nadu.

VelaiSMS plans to build alliances with Industry, Government and Skill Development centers.

VelaiSMS started the Journey in Penetrating Bharat towards Inclusive Growth.

Sharad after presenting VelaiSMS to Hindustan at CII 3rd Global Summit, Delhi.

Sharad Vajpayee shares his experiences about the Journey of VelaiSMS with the Chief Guests.

Members at CII 3rd Global Summit who came from round the Globe.