Employers are one of the integral parts in the VelaiSMS social cause. Employers can empower the rural/urban poor by providing jobs to the skilled / unskilled worker and gain a foothold in the market profitably - while also earning points in the court of public opinion (profit and social benefit).

Kind of employment that can be provided to the rural/urban poor:

Offsite employment:

Worker would be located away from the employer's work location. Jobs like candle making, handloom works and other small-scale industry works can be done by the worker staying offsite. These kinds of jobs can be taken from the employer and given to the rural/urban poor through VelaiSMS platform providing mutual benefit for both the employer and the jobseeker.

Onsite employment:

Worker would be located at the employer's work location. Jobs like packaging, machinery-related work, and construction works requires the worker to be onsite. These kinds of jobs from the employer can be informed to the unemployed people making them approachable to each other.

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