Our Methodology

Identification or the Planning phase is the first step in the set of processes well defined by VelaiSMS. Impact study, Geography and deprived people to intervene, Employers, Skill Training Institutes, Resources to train and deploy, Time and Effort are identified and planned meticulously with the involvement of the partner.

Registration follows after the planning phase. This involves registering Skill Training Institutes, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Employers, deprived Job Seekers, counselors. Registration creates the eco-system.

Publishing Phase - Skill/Job orders booked from employers are matched to job seekers profile and publishing happens to all the stakeholders in this phase.

Fulfillment phase ensures that orders from employers are fulfilled through fulfillment Counselors thus seeing that the employment cycle at demand end also meets in addition to providing livelihood of the digitally divided and deprived segment.

Last phase paves way for self-sustainability in the equation.


Identification or the Planning phase is the first step in the set of processes well defined by VelaiSMS. Planning happens by our social partner and VelaiSMS (VSMS) team understanding the demographic of the identified location. In this phase both parties would discuss the goals of the project. We would also identify which resources of partner we can leverage to deliver the service at lowest possible cost. This phase is also about intelligent data collection on skills, industries, employers, training institutes, NGO's, SHG, Public School, and Local Panchayat Administration. In this phase, we identify the list of villages in such a way, that we would have an inclusive dialogue with all stake holders at local community level and identify a set of job seekers who may be eligible for free delivery of service for a specific time. After, the free delivery we expect that the trust built for the service would pave way for later self-sustainable eco-system. Thus, identification of specific village and also target volume of job seeker with homogenous skills and limited employers is key to success.

Summarization of the task and respective responsibilities of Planning Phase are as follows:

Understand demographic of the identified location
Identify Skills that are available in specific location
Identify key industries and employers Demand Pattern
Identify Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Work locations
Determine the size of engagement of job seeker and employer database
Determine if after initial critical awareness, if the engagement is self sustained
Identify Source Location, where worker are currently based
Identify list of NGO's, School, etc., influencers in Source Location
Building Optimized Route Plan for Registration
Establishing Technical Infrastructure in state

Guiding principle of VelaiSMS for project execution is as follows

1. The capability of technology and need of people is such that we shall strive our best and reach out to maximum number of people.

2. Due to limited knowledge on the local job opportunities and resource availability there is need to run a pilot in limited locations and identify the demand and supply patterns, the outcome of this pilot would determine the scale required to run the service in larger scale, which may be across state.

3. Our objectives of pilot are

a. Determine the metrics required to scale based on pattern

b. Deliver the results in form of job information

c. Impact certain people and get them jobs to create trust for the service

d. Deliver Skill training information to resources based on demand supply mismatch

5.If we can meet the above objectives, then we would build enough user base for the service to run on a commercially viable mode, where by job seeker and employers would pay subscription fees

6. Our Objectives of Self Sustainable phase

a. Offer subscription based service to job seeker; since delivery of text or voice incurs a cost for delivery of each instance thus we wish job seeker may pay and avail the service similar to a newspaper, which in this case is a mobile job newspaper. The frequency of subscription can be daily, weekend or just for a week.

b. Offer subscription based service to employers at an extremely low fee, such that they do not hesitate to provide the valuable asset that is demand.

c. We would not provide fulfillment service of resources; instead we would build an eco-system of counselor who would be intermediary between job seeker and employer. These resources would be self-employed micro-entrepreneurs in the local region, which we would identify, train and deploy. Thus create employment opportunities to run the service locally

Through a social consortium effort, VelaiSMS shall explore and benefit the digitally challenged, under privileged segment of rural/urban and semi-urban people and we believe social partnerships are the way forward to bring "Inclusive Growth" of our nation.

Our Experience