Training Institutes

Skill Institutes whose motive is encompassed with providing a social upturn for the rural/urban unskilled workforce can be a significant constituent in VelaiSMS. We need to align the manufacture of labour supply with labour demand. Note that higher levels of education are typically associated with higher unemployment rates as well. This clearly indicates that conventional education in India is not generating 'employable' individuals and greater skill based education is required to meliorate this problem.

Repairing youth unemployability needs a lot of money (10% of GDP) but there is a big upside (61% of GDP). But only money is not enough; we need structural change. We do not require more cooks in the kitchen but a different recipe. Students resort to private institutes to pick up additional capabilities in the field of languages, computers etc. which gives them a step up in the job market.

The key differentiator in this model, which if adapted is likely to benefit India as well, is the ability of this model to enable unskilled people opt for careers that do not require a professional education with the help of skill sets imparted under the training program. VelaiSMS connects these unskilled people in rural/urban India to the skill institutes giving them a mutual benefit for a social and economic cause.

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