Digitally Challenged

Comparison of Digitally-challenged and Digitally-aware Jobseeker:

The below is based on a survey conducted of over 20,000 people in a designation region

Parameters Digitally Challenged Digitally Aware
Average number of Job search per year 18-24/ Year 0.33-0.5/ Year
Average Salary per day 75-150/ Day 500-5000/ Day
Average Unemployment in a Year 100 - 150 Days/ Year 30 days/ Year
Inflection Amount per day for Job Change 10 - 30/ Day 200 - 1000/ Day
% Of Population in India 41% 9%
Need of Job related information Acute to High Medium to Low
1st Level Job Search Channel Physical Visit to Workplace Job Board
2nd Level Job Search Channel Reference via Relatives/Friends Consultants
Access to Organized Job Search Channel None Technology Driven Job Board
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